Getting what you're WORTH for your talents?     Time for an Agent?

Ultimate Professional Representation

We start with a simple premise.
 Sometime in your upcoming professional career, you will need an AGENT.
 You may not know it.
But you will.

You may want to find a more desirable working situation,
or want someone to negotiate a new contract with your employer.
You might want to
relocate. Or you're a business owner and you have a product
or service that Needs to be on TV.

Or, perhaps, you're soon to be out of medical or law school,
and you want to find that great first job situation.


And along the way, you’d like some straight-talk from someone on YOUR side.
The No BS zone.
Yes, that’s right….You want
straight talk from your Agent!


And that’s where West Coast Consulting comes in....we are
your UltimateRep!

 We specialize in finding New job placement or appropriate Endorsement deals
for Medical Professionals
(physicians and RN's), and Legal Professionals (attorneys and paralegals).

We also represent
NCAA Coaches, Professional Athletes, Executive professionals,

Creative artists, Top Chefs, and
Media and TV pros.


Although West Coast's principle focus is on the individuals of talent we represent, 
we also represent Law Firms,
Medical Centers,
Teams, and Lobby for Companies of interest in State Legislatures.

*We can assist with Project Fund-raising efforts.

*We also offer Mediation Services.

Contract Negotiation is one of our specialties,
and we can also assist in securing Investors or providing Marketing for an
upcoming Project.

We are UltimateRep.


You can imagine the great amount of time it would take from your busy schedule
you had to do all the negotiating on an upcoming contract.

Or let’s say we’ve arranged a new position for you in a new state
and you need someone to handle all the relocation details.

That’s right….great spot for YOUR agent to step in.

And that’s what we do.
We handle the things that
you need and want handled.
 We work for you or your firm!


Need a focused Advocate for your skills and talent?

Need someone who understands your business needs

and how best to position your business in the marketplace?

Ok....we know what you're thinking........It's ok....
perhaps think Jerry Maguire.....but maybe without the sunglasses!
Totally focused on getting the new position or deal you need.

Call Us Today on our Toll-Free Number:


It will be the best Contact you make all week. 
It’s the type of personal representation service you won’t find anywhere else,
with all efforts
focused on allowing you to do what YOU do best
…being successful in your career.

Let your AGENT, your UltimateRep, handle the details.
It’s what we do.

West Coast Consulting


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Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles

You can also zip us an E-mail to: WestCoastConsulting2@gmail.com


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